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SSA & NTIS to Increase Reported Deaths for Death Audit Services

April 2, 2018 Good News – Good News – Good News! This weekend’s DMF update was approximately 1 million records! With dates of death ranging from 1919 to 2018, with the majority of death dates ranging from 1938 to 1976. Next weekend,  the SSA/NTIS should release an additional 2 million previously unreported records. The new […]

Data Quality, Data Quality, Data Quality

March 2, 2018 From the desk of Mr. David Wiley, IT Information Services at LifeStatus360: In our industry, data quality is paramount, and your data should be the very best it can be: all missing data elements filled in and correct.  According to a Gartner, the average organization loses 8.2 million dollars annually because of […]

Locate Missing Participants w/ Pinpoint360 & C3™

January 18, 2018 What do a United States Department of Labor (USDOL) audit, missing participants, digital footprints and LifeStatus360 all have in common? Pinpoint360! Pinpoint360 is our exciting, new compliance solution that utilizes our C3™ process to help you locate your plans’ missing participants and maintain your compliance with the new USDOL audit requirements.  Compliance […]

Digital Innovation in a World of Death (Audits!)

December 29, 2017 Change is constant, and digital disruptions are now omnipresent as digital revolution quickly transforms the central nature of many companies and industries. At LifeStatus360, we strive to understand the technology paradigms, process and economics innovating digital-centric businesses and the change it can and will bring. We recently discussed Digital Transformation – when a […]

LifeStatus360 Receives Re-Certification for SSA LADMF from NTIS Final Rule

December 5, 2017 Lifestatus360 is proud to announce that it has met the certification program requirements to access the Limited Access Death Master File (LADMF) Certification under the new National Technical Information Service (NTIS) DMF Final Rule. As one of the first organizations to have received re-certification under the final rule, we demonstrate that the […]

Digital Transformation: Lifestatus360’s Strategic View

November 8, 2017 We view Digital Transformation as the integration of digital technology into all areas of our business. That will result in essential and fundamental changes to how Lifestatus360 operates and how we will deliver value to our customers and our industry. For us, Digital Transformation is a cultural change that requires Lifestatus360 to […]

Opportunities Between the SSA Limited Death Master File (LMDF), Additional Sources for Unreported Deaths & Locating Missing Participants

October 27, 2017 Recently at the 14th Annual Public Pension Financial Forum Conference, there was a discussion group on the topic of “The dilemma between the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (DMF) and unreported deaths and missing participants”. As a leader in our industry, we would also like to provide our perspective, as we […]

Cybersecurity & Data Breaches: How We are Working to Stay Secure

October 13, 2017 We’ve all heard about the recent data breaches at Equifax, Deloitte and Yahoo!, but some of you may not have heard about the lesser-known or publicized data breaches at Deloitte and Adobe and social media sites like FriendFinder Networks, Ashley Madison and Myspace. Take a look at this graph and check out […]

How is PII Data Used Commercially?

September 19, 2017 The NCVHS Next Gen Vitals Hearing took place September 11-12, 2017, and while we weren’t able to attend the conference, we did want to provide some additional considerations for Panel 3 on how vital statistics data is used commercially to listed members who attended the conference. Types of Data Required in the […]

DataTalk: String Processing at LifeStatus360

September 5, 2017 String processing – what is it? It is an important part of what we do here at LifeStatus360. We take our customers’ data (the string: “a sequence of characters, either as a literal constant or as some kind of variable) and run it against our extensive sources (Social Security Administration Death Master […]